PJ2/DDXA Operating Plan

10 - 17 March 2011


  • Arrival on the island will be in the late afternoon of 10-March. Allowing for usual airport clearance, securing transport, transfer to the operating site, and becoming familiar with the setup, it is expected that operations will not begin until late that evening or early on 11-March.
  • Callsigns will be PJ2/W5FKX, PJ2/W5ZPA, PJ2/W5XU, PJ2/N5HZ. With four operating positions, it is expected two or more stations may be on the air at any given time.
  • Band coverage will be from 160m - 10m, depending upon propagation conditions.
  • While every effort will be made to devote as much time as possible "on-the-air", we will also be doing some visiting and site-seeing, therefore there will be some hours of limited or no activity.
  • Use of all modes (CW, SSB, RTTY/PSK) are expected. PSK activity & frequencies will be at operator's discretion.
  • Preparations for shut-down and departure will begin at approximately 14:00 UTC, 17-March, and operations will end by 16:00 UTC, 17-March.
  • Anticipated band plan will use frequencies per operator's choice - split Rx frequency will be announced as needed.
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